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Welcome and thank you for choosing 409 ELECTRIC LLC. We are a family-run business with over 40 years in electrical expertise. In 1984, 409 Electric was born. It was with this business that we pride ourselves on our A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau, Better Contractor Bureau, IAEI, Facebook, NextDoor and Angie’s List top reviews. It is with great pleasure that we are now able to take our reach to far greater steps online and provide the quality service you know and love, with products and equipment to make your home safer, brighter, and more efficient. As always, your satisfaction is guaranteed, and we look forward to years of providing for you.

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Our Story

– Started 409 Electric in 1984.
– Better Business Bureau A+Rated & Accerdited Business since 1998.
– Better Contractors Bureau A+Rated & Accredited Business since 2000.
– International Association of Electrical Inspectors since 2008.

Where it all Began…


My Cousin Sam would take me on jobs back in 1978 to help him work on older homes in the City.

Working on….. Splitting the Electric in multiple family homes in the Park Ave. Neighborhood,

Service Upgrades, Trouble Calls, Basically anything Electrical in a home (within reason).

Fortunately his Fathers best friend was one of the head Electrical Inspectors in Rochester.

This helped us learn more and to ensure safer wiring on all jobs.

Later on His Brother Ron took me on to do more new work.

I had to come up with a Business name so they can pay me because work was good.

Being young and a car guy everybody knew my car with the 409 engine ( Beach Boys song).

I drove this car home from N. Carolina in 1981 and still have it.

Later on my other Cousin Nick took me on in 1984 to bigger jobs & homes around the County.

In between working for Family I was exposed to other Electrical Contractors.

Taking & Giving ideas on how to achieve the best results for us, other trades & customers. 

Went to night school and was tutored by the two main Electrical Inspectors for the city.

Master License, Respect from Inspectors & RG&E comes with time and must be earned.

Electric is the most important utility in a Home and not always respected…..

Most of the wiring in older homes is not something you can learn in a book.

You have to learn it from the Old Timers, Inspectors and Guys like Me…

409 Electric

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